Bastion was a lot of fun. I’m not enough of an authority on games to write an in-depth review for it, but I was very moved by the story. The art is fantastic, the music is magical and the characters are cool–so cool that more doodles have been produced.


Her theme is hauntingly beautiful , and I have to admit that the choice I made at the end (avoiding spoilers here) was influenced by her presence.


He’s supposed to be older than he looks here, but I think he is the most vulnerable one in the group.

The Kid

The resilient protagonist. Inspired by the lovely cover art for the soundtrack.

I don’t think anything I draw can do the original art justice. The fact that I only had an HB pencil to do the shading didn’t help either. But yes, it was a truly unique experience (for me anyway) playing Bastion, despite how much I suck at anything in the form of a game.

Didn’t draw Rucks because… well… he’s so much more of a voice than a face. If I’m not careful he’ll end up narrating my life in my head forever.

Obligatory “goddamn Ura scums”…. or something.


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